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Solving Real World Problems

RHD Monitoring Project

In this research project we are presenting the use of machine learning as a tool to analyze echocardiograms which will automate the screening process of diagnosing RHD.

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Monitoring Orthopedic Patients

This project aims to solve this problem by offering a lightweight, cost-effective knee wearable device that accurately records, stores, and displays the flexion knee angles of the patients.

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Environmental Conservation and Monitoring
Water Resource Monitoring

To detect, monitor and quantify the effects of these threats to the well-being of the catchment, monitoring river water parameters such as water level and water turbidity is necessary.

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Acoustic monitoring of ecosystems offers an efficient and noninvasive tool for monitoring wildlife.

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BSF Monitoring Device

Black Soldier Fly(BSF) farming is presently the most widespread form of insect farming in the world. With the move to use more sustainable farming methods the rearing of BSF has become an instant hit with farmers.

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To provide an enabling environment for researchers and practitioners in the field of data science and artificial intelligence that fosters the development of solutions to problems in our local context.


Design, create and develop state of art pieces of technology to solve real world problems

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